Benefits of ginger to our health

Ginger is a type of herbal plant that has been very reliable, especially by the Asian community. This can be seen in the usual ginger processed enjoyed as a beverage warmers during cold weather. Even the nature of ginger that can warm the body, have been widely used by manufacturers of medicine that uses ginger as a savory ingredient in drugs.

Benefits Of Ginger Root For Health
As a herb, ginger storing various substances that are good for our bodies, which are:

1. Warm the body
The nature of the warm ginger can help increase body temperature. A type of drink that is often enjoyed i.e. ginger BREW, has indeed become compulsory for resident consumption mountainous regions. In addition, ginger also has anti-virus and anti-toxin that helps treat coughs and fevers.

2. Prevent Cancer

Ginger extract could hit growth turned out to be some of the cancer cells, such as preventing the spread of symptoms of skin cancer, kidney cancer, and lung cancer symptoms.

3. Overcoming respiratory problems

The most common respiratory problem suffered is a cough or a runny nose. Ginger is a natural expectorant type include the function of a relief in a way the respiratory system remove mucus (phlegm).

4. Launch the digestion
Maybe at first, we think only the benefits of fruits can be used for digestive problems. Drink ginger can help smooth disposal of leftover food. Ginger helps the absorption of food and prevent the possibility of stomach pain, because of its nature that reduces inflammation.

5. Address the Bruising and the pain
The compound in ginger juice is an anti-inflammatory that can be used to relieve pain naturally due to the collision. Benefits of ginger with anti-inflammatory content also can reduce pain in arthritic symptoms of the disease.

Side effects

The use of ginger likely safe for most people. However, there are some mild side effects which may be incurred as a sense of heartburn, diarrhea and abdominal discomfort experienced by few people. Then on a woman who was having a menstrual period, have reported additional bleeding time-consuming ginger. In some people, the use of ginger on the skin can also cause irritation. There are several warnings and special precautions such as the use against pregnant women, nursing mothers, people with diabetes, sufferers of bleeding.

For pregnant women – ginger Consumption at the time of pregnancy is still controversial because there is some concern that ginger may affect fetal sex hormones. There are reports of the miscarriage of the fetus at the age of 12 weeks, in women who consume ginger to cope with morning sickness. A number of studies on pregnant women deliver results, that ginger can be used safely for morning sickness without any harm to the baby. The main risk in infants who are using ginger when pregnant, apparently still in reasonable threshold which is around 1% to 3%. They also look, no trigger against an increased risk of premature birth or babies born with low weight.

Nursing mothers – not enough is known about the safety of consuming ginger during breastfeeding. So for the safest course of action is to not consume it.

The risk of Bleeding – side effects of ginger can increase the risk of bleeding

Diabetes – Ginger can lower blood sugar, so it needs to be adjusted to the given diabetes drugs by medical personnel.

Abnormalities of heart conditions – be careful when using ginger in high doses are high, because ginger can aggravate heart conditions.

Although ginger including the type of natural treatment, still tucked away concerns about the health benefits of ginger to the truth. Therefore before consuming drugs of ginger was talking about the use of ginger at your doctor.

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