Just like other rice, brown rice is also a kind of staple food that has lots of carbohydrates. Distinguishing red rice with rice is more his nutritional content and complex. For those people who were undergoing diet program, brown rice is highly recommended because it can launch your diet become faster. Brown rice has a red or reddish-brown, it's not like rice as usual. Taste the red rice is indeed a bit uneasy but drank the most sought by most people, especially those who are on a diet.

The Nutrition Content Of Brown Rice
The content contained in the brown rice gives many benefits to our body. The content of, among others, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B, the relationships with substance, substance oryzanol and a little sugar. Brown Rice also contains several important minerals like manganese, zinc, magnesium, selenium, potassium and. Brown Rice also contain calories, a smaller amount of white rice.

Benefits of brown rice for health and beauty.
1. As a facial mask
We could use brown rice to make natural masks to treat facial skin. The content of oryzanol in rice could keep the red pigment of our melamine so that it can protect from sun exposure.

2. High Energy Sources
Brown rice has a high carbohydrate content, so as to provide our energy intake in great numbers. In addition, it also contains manganese Brown rice that could help hasten a change of carbohydrate and protein into energy so that if we eat them, we'll feel more energetic.

3. Preventing Diabetes
Consume Brown rice can help prevent diseases from diabetes. This is because Brown rice has a low content of complex carbohydrates in sugar, so as to reduce the risk of diabetes.

4. Launch the digestive system
Brown rice has a high fiber content can help unleash the human digestive system. Fiber is an important component that is able to launch a human digestion.

5. Prevent free radical Compounds
Free radical compounds can be produced in the body as a result of metabolic processes of different types of food. The food quality is getting worse then free radicals is also higher. Free radicals can also get into the body from the higher air pollution in the environment. To overcome this, consume zinc-containing red rice is the easiest way to do it.

6. Maintain your weight
Brown rice has a lot of fiber and low in calories. fiber Brown rice can launch our digestive system, being right the red rice that contains low calories help us in maintaining our weight to keep the idea of

7. Prevent colon cancer
Colon cancer occurs due to many factors, one of which is a less healthy digestion, so that dirt buildup can cause increased breeding bad bacteria that exists in the intestine. This is is one of the causes of the occurrence of bowel cancer. Rice has a high fiber content which is able to launch our digestive tract so that it can protect or reduce the risk of the occurrence of bowel cancer.

8. Maintain bone health
To keep your bones healthy and strong, still needed a variety of nutrients that support them. One mineral magnesium that can help maximize the absorption of calcium and formed a better muscle mass. because it's brown rice can be used to nourish the bones and teeth.

9. Preventing Gallstone disease
Gallstone is a disease in which the existence of a hardening of the pile of cholesterol deposited in bile. If a gallstone is formed, then the function of the bile becomes impaired, which will ultimately damage the health of other parts of the body. To prevent not to gallstone is formed, we can consume Brown rice per day.

10. To prevent the formation of cancer cells
As foods containing antioxidants, red rice was able to fight off the various free radical compounds. Of course, this is very helpful in preventing the formation of cancer cells in the body. Because if too many free radicals accumulate in the body, the cells will undergo abnormal development and cancer cells can emerge.

11. A Healthy Menu For undergoing Diet Program
If Your diet while usually must reduce the portion of the meal, by consuming rice Brown rice you need not do so. Brown rice contains less sugar or glikemiks content low enough so it is safer consumed by diabetics even though.

12. Lower cholesterol levels
Cholesterol is indeed required by the body, but if the amount exceeds the normal limit will then can lead to health problems. In order for cholesterol levels stay awake, we can consume Brown rice per day. So if a side dish is eaten contains the cholesterol we need not worry anymore.

13. Control of blood sugar levels
Blood sugar or also called glycogen needed to produce energy for the body. However, the amount should be limited so as not to excess. Excess blood sugar can trigger someone developing diabetes. With consume Brown rice contains fewer calories and sugar, then blood sugar levels can be controlled properly and diabetes can be prevented.

14. Maintain heart health
Brown rice contains potassium which can regulate the heartbeat, and the benefits of brown rice in controlling cholesterol levels can keep heart conditions remain healthy. Potassium can also launch a circulatory work, meaning that the heart is more optimal. Because it's very good if we want to consume Brown rice per day.

15. Addressing Asthma
Asthma can make the sufferer feel very suffer because of difficulty breathing. A sense of tightness in your chest caused problems in the respiratory tract. By consuming red rice containing magnesium, then respiratory tract will be better and asthmatics can breathe with more relief.

16. Accelerate wound healing
Brown rice contains the mineral zinc can help the healing process of wounds faster. In addition, zinc can help improve the durability of the body so that we become stronger to fight various seedling disease. Brown rice can help protect body cells from various damage.

17. Protect nerve cells
Brown rice may help maintain brain health and protect nerve cells from damage. That is because Brown rice contains vitamin B which serves to protect nerve cells and brain, as well as improved brain function optimally. Because it is a good thing to consume Brown rice on a regular basis.

18. help Brighten the lips
Even the brown rice starch water can also help increase the brightness of the lips. Water tajin took when washing the rice or the rice while cooking can be smeared on the lip of an allow it to dry. If done on a regular basis then the lips will become brighter and avoid dark colors.

19. Soften Hands
With a stack of homework to do every day, sometimes the skin of the hands become dry and rough. It's certainly a disturbing thing especially for women who have always wanted to look beautiful. We can use brown rice to help restore the softness of hand.

How, provide 150 grams Brown rice, 1 tablespoon of coconut milk and 70 grams of fresh pumpkin meat. Soak Brown rice in 150 ml warm water, let stand for 1 hour. After that filter the water of the rice and put in blender. Enter also a pumpkin and coconut milk then blender for 30 seconds. Use the herb for smeared to all parts of your hands and cover with gloves. After 15 minutes rinse clean hands until dough can be stored in the refrigerator up to 4 days in a sealed container.
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