Gum in addition used to control one's emotions can also be used for the cleaning of the teeth after meals. Gum that has specific content can also make your teeth become brighter and healthier as well. In addition to the many benefits of gum, also has its own hazards which we will discuss below.

Maintaining dental health

Regularly chew gum for 20 minutes each finished eating will help the production of saliva. This could reduce the acidic substances produced by the bacteria that could spoil food parser teeth gradually. But keep in mind that gum cannot replace the role of a toothbrush.

Gum containing xylitol can reduce tooth decay, and reduces the formation of small holes in the teeth. Things to note is a chewing gum content itself, besides if you chew gum too long and felt pain in the jaw should preferably be paused until you feel better.

Weight control.

A study revealed that people who frequent gum chewing have more controlled appetite. They feel simply by chewing gum compared to eating a high-calorie snack. But if used to the diet, it is not very advisable because the effect is small indeed, and gum are only used as food controller.

Help the brain works.

A research on chewing gum found that gum can improve cognitive areas, such as episodic memory, working memory, processing speed, and perception. But still, more detailed research is needed to confirm the findings it.

Some of the benefits of chewing gum above, there are also negative effects posed by chewing gum if too often and many let stand. Gum containing hight sorbitol, have an effect like a  laxatives can cause diarrhea. In addition, if too much eating gum containing a lot of sugar can also cause dental erosion.

Do not eat gum too much, and also maintain the cleanliness of the mouth and teeth every day with how to gargle and brush your teeth. The healthy eating pattern also affects the health of your teeth and mouth.
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