5 descriptions of the importance of breakfast

Breakfast is the morning activities we are obliged to do, especially for the workers and students. Breakfast was an early source of our energy to perform daily activities. If we leave we can imagine if we do the job in the absence of energy in the body, our bodies will limp can even faint if too forced for workers.

1. The initial source of energy will be active

In the morning, we were obliged to breakfast in the morning, this breakfast is function as a primary source of energy in our initial activities and work. As energy early, breakfast is very important for our body. If we leave the breakfast then it will quickly suffocate or even sick.

2. Weight control
In a variety of research by universities and researchers have proven that breakfast can help in terms of diet. This is because by filling the stomach in the morning, then he can suppress your appetite during the day. In addition, you don't eat in excess at the time during the day that can be detrimental in the pattern of diet and weight.

3. Body metabolism

When we sleep, the body does not consume any food, so by the time, the morning sugar levels in the body decrease drastically. Carbohydrates that are consumed in the morning is a source of energy for activity, but if breakfast is missed then the body will take a backup of the sugar layer of muscle, liver glycogen called. The uptake of these substances will cause an unbalanced metabolism that can negatively affect our bodies.

4. The concentration of brain
Fix breakfast activities the sugar levels dropped dramatically overnight as long as we sleep. The brain requires energy intake to think about the power of concentration that remained good. Breakfast is fuel the brain so that the beginning of the activity went well. Much research has shown positive results that breakfast can help concentration and the ability of the brain to think.
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5. Make the body become healthier
Breakfast can nourish us, with breakfast we could avoid many illnesses. But keep in mind, too, the food we eat breakfast must be healthy and have high nutrition. As written above, we did not eat anything during sleep, so a lot of nutrients that exist in the body is reduced, so we can replace it at breakfast.
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