3 the most dangerous thing in the instant food. you have to know!

Whether you are a person who likes instant foods? If that is true, you should know that eating instant foods on an ongoing basis can lead to things that are bad for your health. If you are indeed an instant food connoisseur, check in advance the content in food. In addition, the expiration date on the packaging or food should also note if do not want to result in negative effects on your body.

The dangers of consuming instant meals too often

A. preservatives

Things to note in the instant food is its content. There is a few instant food containing a natural preservative and some also use chemicals as preservatives. Foods that contain natural preservatives will not cause problems if eaten in large amounts but in reasonable portions. But if the content of the foods that contain chemical preservatives, of course, this is very dangerous for the health of your own.

B. PCM (Monomer Vinyl Chloride)

PCM and lead is a substance that is extremely harmful to the human body. PCM and lead mostly found in canned food. Indeed not all canned food containing lead because on a factory must have quality control systems that handle hazardous substances like this. Things to watch out for if buying foods that are packed with canned food and content is the date itself. Whether food can damage the lining of cans or not. Because if such foodstuffs can damage the lining of cans, then the lead will spread to the food.

C. Dye (Rhodamin B)

Many foods that are deliberately given a dye so that it looks attractive to buy food. But if the dye is too much fit into our body, it will be very dangerous for us. If you buy instant foods, check the composition of the food itself. Contain chemical food dyes or natural dyes.

Instant food in a store is indeed tempting to purchase. But you have to re-examine the content that is in the food. In addition, the type of packaging also determines if it is indeed safe to eat or not.
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