The dangers of playing gadget when going to sleep

In the present era, gadgets are already owned by most people in the world, they use the gadget to work, looking for information, or just to play games. Play gadgets while going to sleep are absolutely not recommended because it can create a negative impact on our bodies, mainly the eyes and brain. Here is the explanation:

The dangers of playing gadget when going to sleep

1. Add the brain works

The function of sleep is to rest our bodies so that tomorrow morning the body becomes fresh and fit, but it is different if you played the gadget while going to sleep. It can actually amplify the brain work to think about what to do when browsing, or play games. In addition, play a game before bed, make us forget our own hours of sleep time because of fun play.

2. Eyes become unhealthy

This is also one of considerable damage often occurs due to too long staring at the screen of a smartphone and exposed to blue light from the retina of the eye making smartphones become strained, even some researchers mention if too long with these habits can cause cataracts.

3. Impaired Nerve

The habit of using a smartphone before going to bed to sleep deprivation cause you will make a neurotoxin. Causing difficult getting to sleep's sleep and quality. Of course, this could result in other serious diseases.

4. Add depression

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the body to provide a sleeping soundly on the body. But if melatonin is already disturbed surely will cause you to become less sleep. Danger plays hp before bed it can definitely cause depression if too often lack sleep.
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