The Danger if you playing gadget too long


Playing gadgets are indeed very good, but when playing gadget for too long, the eye will gradually feel the grasp and smarting. Not all gadgets are lined filter blue light on the screen, this is what causes many people whose eyes tired quickly while playing easy gadget. In addition, look at the color of cash alone can cause the eye quickly tired, like you who worked typing script or the like, which the media is white light, e.g. Microsoft word, and blogging. For you who did work that way, try to refresh the eye every 5 minutes or 10 minutes. This can make the eyes become fresher and not easily tired. There is another that is causing the eye quickly tired, that is work or play games in a dark. This is very dangerous, it can cause serious eye diseases such as cataracts, blindness, or even worse.


Play gadgets too long also can cause many health problems. Most recently, a study reveals, if too often use the gadget can result in neck pain or "text neck".

Neck pain is caused due to our habits are too often bent when playing gadget for quite a long time. The other thing that triggers the neck ' text ' this is when we play the gadget while snooze. Dr. James Carter, practitioners of Chiropractic origin of Australia, as quoted from that the number of sufferers of the disease is increasing, especially from among the young age

Also, be informed every day about 78 percent of teens currently spend about 2 hours of study time by accessing the internet via handheld devices. This then increases the risk of them suffering from neck pain.

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Lack of exercise and the move also became the cause which can make young people become prone to pain in the neck.

To avoid the disease, users can do some tips that are recommended. That is, make sure we sit in an upright position when typing at the front of the laptop. Use a Chair that fits your needs. You must also set the height of the chairs with tables, should not be too high or too low.

Shall be in a static position in quite a long time, but try to occasionally rest and moving the body. When typing on a mobile phone, we recommended to hold a cell phone and placed at least equal footing with our eyes. And the last one, we could do the therapy or massage the neck.
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