A lot of people like honey, but is there anyone who can mention what are the benefits of honey? Here are the benefits of honey that people rarely know

Not many people know about the benefits of honey, most people know that the honey is just a healthy drink without knowing the content and what the actual benefits to our body. But not everyone is so, there are also wanting to know through browsing on google. For those of you who did indeed happen to be reading this article, let along the same learning benefits what is the real honey.

Benefits Of Honey

Benefits of honey for health has more than 10 excellent benefits for health. Other benefits of honey may already be known to many people as a natural sweetener for beverages or other food ingredients.

1. Treat coughs

A 2007 study from the Penn State College of Medicine involving 139 children, found that honey is very effective for relieving coughs. Dekstrometorfan (DM) in honey can soothe a cough at night for children and improve the quality of their sleep.

Another study has also been published in Pediatrics conducted on 270 children aged 1-5 who experienced coughing at night because of the cold. In this study, children who take two teaspoons of honey 30 minutes before sleeping has decreased the intensity of a cough compared to those who did not drink honey.

2. Prevent Cancer and heart disease

Two of the most dangerous diseases on earth turns out to also be prevented or treated by consuming honey. Substances contained in honey contains flavonoids, antioxidants that help reduce the risk of some types of cancer and heart disease.

3. Improve memory

According to research from Reuters, 102 women of menopausal age are obliged to consume 20 grams of honey a day. After four months, those who consume honey turned out to increase short-term memory.

4. complete nutrition Sources

Honey contains many vitamins and minerals needed by the body including niacin, riboflavin, Pantothenic acid, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc. With the consumption of honey, this means we give you the benefits significant enough to give the substance in our body are beneficial short and long term.

5. Powerful Eliminate Injuries

In a variety of research, honey has been declared effective in treating wounds. In a study in Norway, therapy using Medihoney honey (honey New Zealand special purification process) and Norwegian Forest managed to kill various bacteria that are present in the wound.

In another study, 59 patients suffering from wounds, of which 80% of them had failed to heal with conventional treatment, and then treated with honey that has not been processed. All of them (except one case) showed remarkable improvement after smeared honey. The sterile wound at the beginning, remain sterile until fully recovered, while infected wounds become sterile within one week after having smeared honey.

6. The metabolism of Alcohol

NYU Langone Medical Center revealed that the drink directly honey will increase the body's ability to perform the metabolism of alcohol. This will limit the ability of poisoning and reduced levels of alcohol in the body more quickly.

7. Eliminate Allergies

Many people have tried it and rely on the benefits of honey to reduce seasonal allergy symptoms. Honey has an anti-inflammatory effect and is known to soothe coughs. But keep in mind that the benefits of honey to treat allergies have not been proven in clinical studies. However, there are some facts from the experts who say that honey contains trace pollen of flowers and exposure to allergens that work to combat allergic reactions.

8. The fight against Bacteria

In clinical studies, honey has been shown to kill the pathogen of the disease due to food such as e. Coli and salmonella, as well as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa which are both there may be in the hospital or clinic.

9. Potentially prevent low white cell count

Mayo Clinic (health website online) noted that honey can be used as a great and inexpensive way to prevent low white blood cell count caused by chemotherapy. In one small experiment, 40% of cancer patients known to be at risk of neutropenia (very low blood count) does not have decreased further from the cell condition this chemotherapy after consuming two teaspoons of honey every day during chemotherapy. Further research is needed, but this herbal remedy has a great potential.

10. increase the body's metabolism

Honey is believed to be one of the important food sources to keep the body's metabolism. Obviously, this is because honey is one of the foods that are very much healthy nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

11. Improving the fertility of husband and wife

For this one I experienced myself, happen to my brother who later gets older. It's been two years of marriage has not been blessed with children, whether information from which it can try honey to increase her fertility. But it turns out true, consuming about 2 months the happy things finally came, too. However, this requires clinical trial medicine.

12. Improve Stamina

If the benefits of honey this one already is not a secret anymore, doesn't need to be substantiated, why? almost all energy drinks menempatkn honey as an ingredient in addition although overdose is still very small to increase stamina. In addition to consuming this honey directly can also increase your stamina during the relationship between husband and wife.

13. To prevent diabetes (Chair of sugar)

Sugar and artificial sweeteners are one source of diabetes, prevent diabetes for one way is by consuming sugar is minimal. Even though honey contains sugar, he is not the same as white sugar or artificial sweeteners. The right combination of fructose and glucose actually helps the body regulate blood sugar levels. Some of the honey has hypoglycemic low, so they do not cause a rise in your blood sugar.

In addition to addressing health issues and help above, honey is also effective for:

Overcoming allergies and acid

Overcome stomach ache

Prevent stress

Reduce the risk of heart attack

Prevent the risk of Alzheimer's disease

Prevent jaundice

Prevent tumors in various parts of the body

In addition to the above benefits, there are many more benefits of honey we can take advantage of to different fields

Honey For Pregnant Women

Adds power and gives durability during pregnancy

Honey may increase the appetite of pregnant women

Facilitate the CHAPTERS for pregnant women

Help the fetus in the womb to grow normal and healthy

Strengthen The Fetus

Good For Pregnant Women:

Vitamin C found in honey, to effectively improve the brightness and durability of the body of pregnant women.

Honey helps reduce nausea

Prevent the occurrence of hepatitis B disease in the fetus.

Honey may prevent pregnant women avoid various diseases during pregnancy that might interfere with the fetus.

Honey has a very rich nutrients for the needs of the mother while pregnant

Benefits Of Honey For Face

In addition to health and pregnant women, honey has been used for beauty treatments facial skin since ancient times. Since antiquity, it has many beauty products that utilize honey as an ingredient. Here are the benefits of honey for face:

Honey has been used and trusted with a mix of other herbs to get rid of acne.

The honey used with other herbs to get rid of blackheads

Eliminate the black flecks

Removing acne scars

Brighten skin face

Shrink pore face

Make the facial skin looks bright

Can be used as a facial mask

Can be used as material for cleaning the face skin from free radicals

Give the skin a smoother face.

Honey For Beauty

Honey has been known in many areas as it is very helpful in the field of beauty, here are some role of honey in the field of beauty

Prevent premature aging

Prevent skin wrinkles

Prevent skin blackish when old

Prevent acne

Honey may prevent skin irritation and allergies.

For hair:

Honey to discolor the hair

Honey to make hair stronger

Honey hair removal branch

Honey to eradicate the "fruit of the hair"

Honey to make hair straighter

Tips On Using Honey

Honey is typically used in the 2 most common ways:

Drunk straight. You can drink the honey directly, but with a customized measure.

Be used as the mask. For beauty treatments usually, the honey mask will be made together with other herbs.


Better not given to babies, spores of Clostridium botulinum have been found even in a small percentage of honey in North America. It is not dangerous for adults and kids, but the baby could have a particularly serious reactions that have not even 1 year old. Do not add honey to baby food or used as a tranquilizer to calm the baby.

Honey also contains sugar, so do not be excessive consumption for example in one bottle. He has a high caloric value and will cause the levels of the sugar high.

Benefits of honey for health is enormous, but it certainly must be utilized wisely and avoid excessive consumption.
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